About Us

The maritime, road and rail transportation industry in today’s world, which is very modern and advanced, faces many problems in moving money and paying transportation costs, and unfortunately this industry is still one of the old and unconventional methods that Causes many problems. This field has been used like interbank remittances and exchange, leasing.

Despite advances in payment made by new tools such as digital currencies that make payment easier, reduce transportation costs and increase shipping speeds, we have decided to bring a modern, innovative and creative way to the world transport industry. Introduce.

SEPANTA TOKEN digital currency was invented by a group of industry activists to improve the speed and quality of global shipping.

This token has been introduced as the main and most important digital currency of this industry that can be used by many large companies to develop transportation activities.

We hope to introduce SEPANTA TOKEN as the only digital currency used in the transportation industry and to use it as a transferable digital currency in this industry by creating creativity and developing proper development and marketing.

Our forecast for the future of trading is based on new payments introduced by digital currencies such as SEPANTA TOKEN, on which the speed of all transactions is based.

The popularity of this currency in the maritime, rail and road community is increasing day by day, and the demand for trading with this currency as a stimulus and the invention of new payments in the world of marine, road and rail industries is developing.