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The maritime, road and rail transport industry in today’s world, which is very modern and advanced, faces many problems in transferring money and paying transportation costs, and unfortunately, this industry still has one of the old and unconventional payment methods that create many problems. he does. This old method has been used such as interbank remittance and exchange, leasing.

Despite advances in payment through new tools such as digital currencies that make payment easier, as well as reduce transportation costs and speed up transportation, we are determined to bring a modern, innovative and creative approach to the global transportation industry. Introducing the SEPANTA TOKEN digital currency was invented by a group of industry activists to improve the speed and quality of global shipping.

 This token has been introduced as the main and most important digital currency of this industry that can be used by many large companies to develop transportation activities.

We hope to introduce SEPANTA TOKEN as the only digital currency used in the transportation industry and use it as a transferable digital currency in this industry by creating creativity, development and proper marketing.

Our forecast for the future of transactions is based on new payments introduced by digital currencies such as SEPANTA TOKEN, on which the speed of all transactions is based.


The popularity of this currency in the maritime, rail and road community is increasing day by day, and the demand for trading with this currency as a stimulus and the invention of new payments in the world of marine, road and rail industries is developing.



1-Creating a safe and secure environment for money transfers in shipping, land and rail transport companies

2-Innovation in creating digital money and digital currency in a specific industry where a specific brand can be used for related work.

3-Replacement of old payment methods such as Swift and interbank remittances.


Audience and applicants for digital currency SEPANTA TOKEN: Who are they?


1- Shipping companies and maritime, coastal and offshore services

2- Railway companies

3- Road transport companies around the world

4- Oil companies

5- Drilling and mining companies

6- Gas companies



Despite the urgent needs of the transportation industry and the existing problems, and due to the expression of interest of large companies to develop and advance this cryptocurrency in the near future can be used as a digital currency in the transportation industry and the value of investment for all capital. It will provide a long-term perspective on this new idea.



Token distribution


SEPANTA (SPN) Distribution of tokens

  • 250,000 SPN tokens are intended for market offering.
  • Currently, about 84,000 tokens in the exchange ZEDXION between 182,000 people have been awarded as a bonus of 0.5 SPN and are being traded between its holders.
  • 100,000 Unit of tokens are intended for pre-sale in blocks of 50,000.
  • 40% of the token will be held by its holders
  • 20% of it will be offered continuously in the market later.
  • 5% as reward and advertisement.



The idea of ​​creating a SEPANTA (SPN) token for the transportation industry will be an attractive and progressive idea for all investors and he hopes that in the very near future this SEPANTA (SPN) token will be used as a currency in the maritime, land and rail transportation industries. Be tradable and reliable on the TRON CHAIN ​​platform and in reputable exchange offices.




Ideas and creators:


The engineering group and activists of the university and the shipping industry, despite understanding the problems related to this industry, have been programming and creating tokens on the platform.


10.000.000 units of SEPANTA (SPN) TOKEN have been taken according to its necessity, need and value, and its material and spiritual value will reach the value of Bitcoin and higher.








Introduction of Engineers


Mohammad Reza Majidaei Samakoush: Expert in Shipping and Marine Industries (Manager)


Amir Hossein Majidai Samakoush: Designer and programmer (Sharif University student)


Amirreza Majidaei Samakoush: Designer and programmer (Sharif University student)


Taha Haghighat: (Allameh University) (Developer)


Mojtaba Hashemnia (Allameh University) (Consultant)


SPN 218



The makers of this token hope that investors will benefit from long-term, convenient and productive investment in maritime transport and reasonable profits. Invest in credit similar to Bitcoin and above and turn this idea into a boon in shipping. Shipping and transportation projects and its sub-branches.



Types of projects to invest in the international transportation industry with SPN tokens:


  • Wharves and ports, floating construction workshops and related industries
  • Oil terminals
  • Steel and concrete bridges


4-  Industrial complexes

5- Establishment of rail and construction of wagons

6-  Construction of roads and purchase of new transport trucks

7-  Construction of containers and containers for road

8- Construction of infrastructure and maintenance of major intercity roads

9- Rehabilitation of land from the sea and dredging

10- Reservoir of refineries and gas and petrochemical power plants

11-A variety of concrete structures at sea and under the seabed

12- Various activities of the shipbuilding sector include the construction of mobile offshore drilling rigs as well as the construction and repair of various vessels, including:

13- Oil tankers

14- Freight transport and fishing

15- Towing

16- Landing skills

17- Offshore Office is responsible for managing and implementing projects in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, including:

18- Construction and installation of fixed offshore platforms for oil and gas extraction and processing

19- Installation of pipelines

20- Submarine cable

21- Construction of processing facilities and refineries and oil and gas and petrochemical pipelines of the sponsors and the first investors.

Supporter and investor of SPN tokens:


Spanta Marine Services Company https://sepanta-shippingline.com


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